emBOSSed Leadership

Rise up. Stand out.


“Great leadership can change the world.”

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Hi, I’m Amber Dembowski, an elementary principal, a professional coach, and the founder of EmBOSSed Leadership. Being “emBOSSed” is a reminder to rise up and stand out.

I help savy professionals like you take your career to the next level by developing, inspiring and empowering those who you connect and work with.

If you want to reposition yourself in the workplace and you want to grow your career or organization, your influence is the secret sauce to create that ‘damn she’s good’ factor that will differentiate you from your peers.


Listen in to Amber’s personal leadership story:



Maximize your effectiveness in the workplace by understanding the different ways people function, communicate, and respond to feedback.



Learnlead, and live positively. Tap into the deepest awesomeness within your work. Teach others how to reach their highest potential, and in the process, tap into yours as well.



Elevate your work by creating a culture of trust stemmed from strength-based leadership. Increase accountability without any negative feelings about it. And create a team that is effective, confident, energetic and successful.



Amber is super organized and has helped me be a better planner.
— Missy
Amber continually amazes me with her positive attitude and energy. I didn’t realize how much impact I have on the daily energy of my team until I started working with her. She has helped me hone into how to purposefully lead by example.
— Lee
Amber has been a breath of fresh air and I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying my job after implementing her strategies! Everything she shares is actionable and has made a remarkable difference in our culture.
— Michelle