More Precious Than Gold

I have a riddle for you:  What is more precious than gold, but cannot be bought, earned, or saved?

I have another riddle for you:  What is one thing you can lose and never find again?

If you haven't figured out the answer yet, I have three stories that might help.

The morning after an honors assembly at school, a frantic mom rushed into the office.  She was upset that her daughter received an award and she didn't make it to school to see it.  She took her grief out on the office staff, but later apologized.

When meeting a teacher-friend for breakfast she was talking about lost plan-time.  She was offered $27 of comp time.  She was still upset about the additional time she had to stay after school that day to plan.

Upon returning to my office from a school talent show I found a third grade boy sitting at my table.  When I first glanced it appeared he was completing his work.  But as I looked closer he was writing "This is boring" and "I hate this" all over his worksheet.  When I asked him what was going on, he answered, "I'm mad."  I didn't have to ask any further.  I knew he was angry about having to sit in my office while the rest of the school was entertained at the Talent Show.

So, what is the answer to the riddles?  Time.

What is the common theme between the three stories?  Lost time.

Time is an emotionally charged entity.  And, unfortunately, as the Steve Miller Band reminds us, "time keeps on slippin' into the future".  Everyone knows that once it is gone, it is gone.  Any moment, during a lapse of time, is difficult to make up if missed.

Amber Dembowski