Positive Habits

Happy New Year, everyone!  Our new year celebrations were rather low-key this year, but still so very special -- filled with charades, King In the Corner, Ryan Seacrest, and lots of laughs.

This time of year always causes me to reflect and project.  And as I reflect on my past year I realize I haven't allowed myself time to do what I've always loved -- be creative -- through writing, designing, cooking, doodling -- you name it, I haven't made time for those creative juices to thrive.  So as I project into 2018, I am promising to nourish my soul, starting with writing.   I intend to blog until it just becomes a habit.  Along with 3 other positive habits I want to increase:  taking vitamins, drinking more water, and writing in a gratitude journal. 

To track my progress I decided to use one of my awesome Christmas gifts from my daughter.  It's called the Everlast Rocketbook and it is mind-blowing!  It has the bullet journal design, which I've been looking for, and whatever you write in the journal can be electronically saved forever!  You write in it  ... wait for it .... (drum roll please) ... and the notebook automatically organizes it based on your preferences and saves it to the correct file in your drive!

Once the journal entry is saved you can wipe the page clean.  It is reusable so the journal entries are endless.  I was wary at first when I heard this because I didn't want my journal to be like a dry erase board, but it actually feels like paper.  I don't know how -- the technology of it is beyond me -- but it truly does.  And there are 32 pages in the journal, so you'll never feel pressured to erase an entry before moving on to the next.  I am not endorsed by Everlast, but I felt I had to share this amazing find!



I'm excited to get the new year started off on the right foot.  I kept it fairly simple, and yet I feel the things I chose to focus on will bring great results to the 2018 year.  Cheers to developing positive habits!