Psst! You Should Be Relaxing At Work

It's that time.  Time to get a new phone.  When I went to install a new app my phone notified me that I am out of space and needed to delete old apps.  It even conveniently pulled up the apps that haven't been used in a while.  Without truly thinking through each app's purpose I quickly deleted the first 10 apps on the generated list so I could move on with my electronic life.


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Later that day when I opened my phone the folder I have titled "Relax" looked rather odd. It was completely empty!  Not one app in my Relax folder.  It was once filled with meditation, relaxing sound, and rest apps.  Was this a visual symbolism of my life?!  After all, the app I was trying to download when I inadvertently deleted all of my "Relax" apps was an app for work.

This got me thinking further and I started to read up on the importance of relaxing, including Michael Hyatt's blog "5 Reasons You Should Take a Nap Everyday".  Although I don't think my body is programmed for taking a nap, I have found some ways to build in time to relax throughout the work day:

1.  Sip some tea.  Or for me, coffee.  Savor each swallow.  That alone is a simple way to pamper yourself throughout the day.

2.  Try aromatherapy.  Soothing scents regulate emotions.  Some scents to consider:  lemon, lavender, jasmine, rosemary, cinnamon, or peppermint.

3.  Keep snacks in your desk.  I know -- this may conflict with your New Year's Resolution of no more snacking.  But munching on something crunchy can be satisfying while at work.  And if that snack includes dark chocolate it will help calm your nerves and regulate your stress hormones.

4.  Find 5 minutes of nothing.  As Robert J. Sawyer said, "Learning to ignore things is one of the great paths to inner peace."  Be alone.  Find the sun.  Look out the window.

5.  Listen to music.  I typically listen to 80's Classic Rock, but Classical music can be especially relaxing.

As for me, I won't worry so much about my empty "Relax" folder on my phone.  But I do intend to make more of a conscious effort of finding ways to relax throughout my work day.  I've even made a printable poster as a reminder.  Feel free to print it for yourself or use it as your screensaver! 

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