Create Joy At Work

The hustle doesn't matter without the joy. 

I like following bloggers and twitter accounts on topics like leadership, success, and entrepreneurship, and I can't tell you how many times I've read that everyone just needs to hustle, work harder than everyone else, be on our A-game, grind.  And although I don't disagree that hard work is essential for success I see it much differently.

In my opinion, for anyone to rise up and stand out at the workplace, they must create joy and they must strive to live a well-balanced life with positive relationships and a positive mind.  This advice is all coming from a proclaimed workaholic ... so I understand the hustle ... but I exert just as much energy into finding and sharing the joy.  In a future blog I plan to share how to create a joyful culture with on-going short-range planning, so for today I'm just going to share how I personally find joy.  I'll keep it short and sweet:

1.  Learning.  I know this sounds boring and mundane, but it's actually empowering and energizing.  When we don't learn we become stagnant.  And when we are stagnant we become lifeless and almost sluggish.  There is no joy in that.

2.  Having fun.  There is not one way to fashion amusement at the workplace, so some of my faves are:  using fun videos, photos, gifs in staff emails; getting new fun colored notebooks and office supplies; taking some time to visit about non-work topics with colleagues; creating mysteries or quick games for staff to play; leaving treats on others' desks/mailboxes; laughing. 

3.  Feeling inspired.  Like I wrote earlier, I spend a great deal of time reading blogs and tweets.  I don't watch tv, so this fills that time I suppose.  I do this seeking out inspiration and it never fails me.  I can always find a quote that fuels my fire for that day or week and I regularly like to share it out.  It's hard to feel inspired if I feel stressed.  So I also try to find little ways to pamper myself like new scented lotions or candles, coffee (Yes!!!), or a sweet treat.

These three things have been the scheme of my days at work for several years.  And it wasn't until just recently that I wondered if I could somehow try to capture this for others.  That is why I'm launching a subscription box.  Each box will include hand-picked items that will bring the learning, the fun, and the inspiration to you.  You can subscribe to receive this monthly box of wonderfulness on my site.

I can't wait to create joy together!


mindfulnessAmber Dembowski