Gifts of Gratitude

I haven't blogged in a few weeks, but I decided it was time to make time for what I love.  PLUS, I wanted to share out the gifts I gave to all of the school staff this year for Christmas!  As the school principal it can be difficult to find something for everyone, especially when you are trying to purchase something meaningful for 75 or more staff members.  I spent countless hours looking on amazon, browsing the mall, and searching for ideas on Pinterest.

It wasn't until I actually stopped to think about what I preach and practice the most that the gift idea came to mind.  Every Monday I send out a weekly mindset, and every Friday I send out an email recognizing and thanking people throughout the school.  Both of these are rooted in being mindful, positive, and grateful.  So that was it!  I knew the perfect gift would be a personalized gratitude journal.

I searched amazon for a simple journal that was sold in bulk and found this 5x8 journal with a kraft paper cover that was ideal.  And one of my new favorite sites is Avery We Print.  It is an organization freak label-heaven!  I used this site to create personalized labels for the cover of each journal.

gratitude journal.jpg

I kept the wrapping simple.  I tied up each journal with some Christmas ribbon and used the theme of being grateful by printing labels from Kellie's Nest of Posie's blog.

The journals not only turned out cute, but they are a meaningful gift that represents the culture I want to build and sustain at my school.  After putting the journals in everyone's mailbox, below is the email message I included in my morning notes to the staff:

I hope you all have found your gratitude journal in your mailbox. The journal is not only a gift from me, but also a challenge.  And with the new year around the corner I thought it was perfect timing.  I know I personally need to make more time in my day to reflect on things I am thankful for and I'm inviting all of you to join me.  The challenge is to take 5 minutes everyday to notice all of the great things happening each and every day around us that we normally don't take time to notice.  Deliberately focus on the positives.  In the end, I hope my gift to you will not only be a journal, but also a renewed perspective and a happier, healthier life.

gratitude journal gift.jpg

Happy Holidays

...with a grateful heart.

Amber Dembowski