The Backup Team

Happy Mother's Day!

I was able to enjoy a baseball game with my family as we celebrated mother's day.  And although I'm not a huge sports fanatic, I do enjoy going to sporting events.  Usually I use this time to people watch.  All of the various spectators are so amusing to me -- each with their own story.  However, today was different.  We were amongst a crowd of what felt like 20.  In a huge stadium that typically seats 24,000.  My habitual people watching was limited, hence, the actual sport of baseball received more of my attention than normal.

I grew up watching my brothers play baseball, and we often frequent our local minor league team.  So I know the basics about baseball.  There are 9 players on the field.  There are 9 innings.  For every 3 outs, the opposite team bats.  There are fly balls, fair balls, foul balls and home runs.

Yet, I wasn't intrigued by any of this today.  Everything that was measurable didn't keep me interested throughout the game.

Instead, I found myself watching the players who weren't intended to catch the ball.  They were the  players in the field who would run up as part of the "backup".  The fans didn't cheer for them when the ball was caught.  They were simply the players who were there for the "just in case" moment.  The players who were there for support.  The players who go unnoticed until needed.  These players are who captivated me throughout each inning.

So much can be learned from these players.  It is my goal to create a culture where we all work as a team like them.  Wherever the ball may land, there is always someone else ready to help for that "just in case" moment.

So how do I create a culture like this?  Each day I try to lead by example.  Even though I am the principal, I want others to know that I can also be the "backup".  I can be Plan B.  I'm willing to be the one who is supporting for that "just in case" moment.

After all, the definition of teamwork is the combined effort of a group of people.  I want to be a part of that group of people.  And I can only hope that the team that is created at my school can live up to the baseball team I saw today.   Both baseball and education are full of stats and data.  But what sometimes goes unnoticed amongst all of these numbers can also be what is most important.