Appreciation Matters

Appreciation is a feeling.  And everyone wants to feel it.  Everyone wants to know that their work matters, and we can create that feeling of being appreciated in a variety of ways -- from big and public to small and private  and everything in between.

The focus of today's blog is about going big and public during staff appreciation week.  Hopefully you'll be able to pull or steal some ideas, including free printables.

To start, the Friday before the kick off of events a table was set up with goodies and a bag for each staff member, vintage luggage and globes, a menu for the upcoming week's appreciation, and a sign that read "Pack Your Bags".

Pack Your Bags Appreciation Table.jpg

The menu for the following week included a tea party in London, a fiesta in Mexico, and a gyro lunch in Greece.

World's Best Staff Menu.jpg

Each day the lounge was decorated for their travels.  The tea party included lots of lace, florals, and, of course, tea cups.  The fiesta included sombreros and bright and bold tissue flowers.  And the Greece luncheon was decorated with string lights, greenery, and lemons.

tea party appreciation.jpg

The table settings included more globes, vintage postcards, photo travel props, and hearts cut out from vintage maps.  

Table Setting for Appreciation.jpg

I also created some printables that were hung around the room.  They are free and linked for you here:

I had a lot of fun finding ways to show my appreciation for my team, and I think they all enjoyed the food and special decor.  In the end I know that this week, even though big and public, is only one small piece to making others feel appreciated.  True appreciation comes from my daily interactions and decisions.  But mixing in some big, bold, and entertaining ways to show appreciation makes it fun along the way!